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Emily and Norman fishing the Specimen lake pegs 16 & 17 for 48hours Caught these incredible fish weights as followed 21lbs Common along with a 24lbs Common, Noise of the fireworks didn’t stop this  impressive session, both was Caught on Catalyst pop ups. Well done from the milton pools team hope to see you here again soon.


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One of our regulars Josh Noall fishing the Specimen lake for 48hours Caught these two beautiful fish weighing in at 19lbs 2oz and 12lbs Common well done Josh.




Josh Noall fishing peg 8 on the specimen lake for 48 hours caught this magnificent 30lbs Mirror, Massive well done josh from us all at Milton Pools.


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Mr Costers party fishing swims 1 to 5 on the Specimen lake over the weekend, an impressive 35lbs 4oz Common Caught from peg 3, well done from the Milton pools fishery team.



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Dominic Vallance fishing the Specimen Lake on swims 4 & 5 for 24 hours caught some cracking fish well done from the Milton Pools Team.


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Colin Morris doing a five day session swims 10 & 11 on the Specimen lake Caught a total of 15 Carp with the biggest being a mirror weighing just under 27lbs. He also caught an outstanding 22lbs 8oz linear, followed by four Commons weighing 24lbs,23lbs,21lbs 4oz and 20lbs 2oz,  respectively.


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Well done Mr Morris on your breathtaking 30lbs 8oz Carp

Well done Mr Morris on your breathtaking 30lbs 8oz Carp

Colin Morris swim 10 on the Specimen Lake Caught some Splendid fish including the following, Two 12lbs Common, 22lbs 8oz Common, 23lbs Common, 24lbs Common and an 18lbs 4oz Mirror, Colin also  had a Session making 30lbs 8oz Common Carp.


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Colin Morris swims 8 & 9 on the Specimen Lake, Once again had a eventful 48 hours caught some beautiful fish including 7 Commons weighing 12lbs, 12lbs 4oz, 14lbs 2oz, 15lbs 4oz, 16lbs, 23lbs and 24lbs, Along with 4 remarkable Mirrors weighing the following 10lbs 2oz, 14lbs 12oz, 15lbs and 15lbs 2oz. Well done Mr Morris from us here at Milton Pools Fishery.


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Milton Pools regular Colin Morris fishing swims 13 & 14 on the Specimen Lake for 48 hours caught some impressive fish including, 5 Commons weighing 14lbs 4oz, 15lbs, 16lbs 14oz, 17lbs and a 19lbs 4oz. A stunning 20lbs Ghostie along with 3 Mirrors at 21lbs, and 22lbs along with a lovely fully scaled 14lbs Mirror. His session was then topped off with an outstanding 21lbs Linear. Once again showing that small baits and small hooks along with little and often feed produces results.


IMG_2483 IMG_2483 IMG_2481 IMG_2480


Danny Myers enjoyed a fruitful first session at Milton Pools Fishery whilst fishing on peg 3 of the House Lake for 24hours and was rewarded with 13 Carp a biggest of 17lbs, some of which can be seen above, capping off a thoroughly enjoyable experience.

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Rob Morris fishing swims 13 & 14 on the Specimen Lake with his son Colin Caught some outstanding Catfish weighing in at 39lbs, 37lbs 7oz and 30lbs 12oz massive well done from the Milton pools Team.

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Mr Morris once again caught some incredible fish on the Specimen Lake swims 13 & 14 including a 27lbs Catfish, 17lbs 2oz Mirror and 3 Commons weighing 20lbs 4oz, 15lbs 6oz, 14lbs 4oz.


John Humphrey, a Milton Pools regular (part of the furniture) who upgraded to the big boy lake fished swims 4 & 5 after Colin caught his first specimen carp weighing 24lbs 4oz, what a beautiful catch Well done John!!

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Swim 4 & 5 on the Specimen Lake, In 48 Hours  Colin Morris Caught 6 Stunning fish with lovely Colours & Pattens including an 18lbs Brown Koi, 14lbs 4oz Common and 14lbs Mirror.

IMG_1261 IMG_1257

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Colin Morris on swims 13 & 14 on the Specimen Lake for 48 hours, Our Regular Angler Caught some incredible fish including these two fully scaled Mirrors weighing 26lbs & 18lbs His catch also included 17lbs Mirror, 16lbs 12oz Common, 15lbs 4oz Common, 14lbs Common,12lbs common and a 15lbs chagoi  some fantastic catches well done!

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Josh Noall fishing midweek on the Specimen Lake swim 14, had two lovely catches with this 10lbs 5oz Common and 8lbs 12oz Common.

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Colin Morris fishing the Specimen Lake for 36 Hours on swims 13 & 14, Caught some beautiful fish including this 19lbs 6oz Common, 18lbs 4oz Common, 17lbs 14oz Common, 17lbs 12oz Common, Two Commons at 18lbs each and an amazing 27lbs 12oz Catfish.

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Caught within 10 minutes on the same rod and same location, what a hectic session for one of our regulars.

Caught within 10 minutes on the same rod and same location, what a hectic session for one of our regulars.

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Colin Morris was fishing for 48hours on the Specimen lake swim 1, Caught some outstanding fish including, 16lbs Linea, 16lbs 4oz Koi, 17lbs Grass Carp, Two Mirrors weighing 26lbs 12oz & 16lbs 4oz and  9 Commons, The weights are the following, 24lbs 2oz, 22lbs 2oz, 17lbs 6oz, 17lbs 12oz, 16lbs 2oz, 15lbs 14oz, 15lbs 12oz, 13lbs, 12lbs 2oz.


Tom White was fishing swims 4 & 5 on the Specimen Lake for 24 hours, when his snowman rig comprising of a 12mm Tutti Fruitti pop-up over a 15mm Squid boilie produced this lovely 23lbs 10oz Mirror in the early hours of Friday morning.


Peter Mildenhall fishing the Specimen Lake swim 1 on the 12th July for 36 hours, caught this beautiful 42lbs catfish on a 12mm boilie.


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Colin Morris fishing the Specimen Lake on the 22nd July for 48 hours caught some incredible fish including, 19lbs Koi, two Linears weighing 17lbs & 16lbs 4 oz and 11 Commons, the weights are the following, 24lbs 12oz, 19lbs 2oz, 19lbs, 18lbs, 17lbs 2oz, 16lbs 6oz, 15lbs 12oz, 14lbs 4oz, 13lbs, 12lbs 6oz, 12lbs 2oz.

image1-2 image2

Josh Noall fishing swim 14 on the Specimen Lake on the 16th July for 48 hours, caught this Koi Carp weighing 8lbs 3oz, along with a 10lbs 5oz Grass Carp.



Josh Noall fishing Swim 14 on the Specimen Lake on 10th July for 36 hours caught these two Common Carp weighing in at 17lbs 9oz and 14lbs 3oz


Colin Morris fishing Swim 9 on the Specimen Lake on the 8th July for 36 hours caught the following fish : Catfish at 37lbs 12oz, 35lbs 2oz, 7lbs, 6lbs 4oz, 5lbs 2oz & 4lbs, a Mirror Carp at 24lbs 6oz and Common Carp at 21lbs, 20lbs 4oz, 19lbs 4oz, 17lbs, 16lbs 2oz, 12lbs 4oz, 12lbs & 11lbs 8oz


Colin also helped our “resident” angler John (above) fishing Swim 5 on the House Lake by helping him set-up and clipped up to the right spot, and he was rewarded with this catch

IMG_0976fullsizeoutput_5 IMG_0977 IMG_0982 IMG_0983 IMG_0983 IMG_0985 IMG_0986IMG_0987IMG_0988 IMG_0991 IMG_0992 fullsizeoutput_a fullsizeoutput_8 fullsizeoutput_9

Another amazing fishing trip for Colin Morris fishing Swim 14 on the Specimen Lake on the 25th-26th June, caught Catfish weighing in at 28lbs & 18lbs, a Mirror Carp at 16lbs 4oz, a Koi Carp at 14lbs and Common Carp weighing in at 22lbs 4oz, 21lbs 2oz, 18lbs 6oz, 17lbs 12oz, 17lbs, 16ls 14oz, 16lbs, 15lbs 8oz, 13lbs 4oz, 12lbs, 11lbs 2oz & 8lbs 10oz


Josh Niall fishing Peg 14 on the 1st/2nd July caught this 37lbs 5oz Catfish (his Personal Best) and a 24lbs 1oz Linear Carp


David Herbert fishing Peg 9 on the Specimen Lake on the 29th June, caught this 12lbs Grass Carp and 13lbs Koi Carp


Colin Morris fishing the Specimen Lake on the weekend of the 18th June caught a 38lbs 4oz & 26lbs 12oz Catfish, and Common Carp weighing in at 19lbs, 17lbs 6oz, 17bs 4oz, 16lbs 8oz, 16lbs 2oz, 16lbs, 15lbs 8oz, 15lbs 6oz, 15lbs, 14lbs & 13lbs 12oz

Craig PearceCraig Pearce 1Craig Peace 2

Craig Pearce fishing Swim 13 on the Specimen Lake, on the 5th-7th June – in his words – “caught this PB Catfish at 36lbs 12oz after heavy rain and high winds, the waiting paid off, great fight.  Always love fishing here as grown up fishing here, like a second home”.  Thanks Craig

CM 39lbs CatfishCM 39lbs 12oz CatfishCM 32lbs CatfishCM 4lbs KitCM 39lbs CatfishCM 24lbs CommonCM 23lbs 4oz MirrorCM 18lbs 2oz MirrorCM 5lbs KitCM 17lbs Grass CarpCM 12lbs CommonCM 7lbs KitCM 16lbs LinearCM 16lbs Linear 1CM 17lbs CommonCM 18lbs 2oz CCM 18lbs 2oz CommonCM 23lbs 4oz MirrorCM 28lbs 2oz CatfishCM 28lbs Catfish

Colin Morris fishing for a week on Pegs 2/3 and then Peg 18 from Monday 5th June caught Catfish weighing in at 39lbs 12oz, 39lbs, 34lbs 2oz, 32lbs 12oz, 32lbs, 30lbs, 29lbs, 28lbs 2oz & 28bs and Grass Carp at 17lbs & 16lbs, Mirror Carp at 23lbs 4oz, 18lbs 2oz, 18lbs & 15lbs 2oz, Common Carp at 25lbs 12oz, 24lbs, 23lbs 4oz, 18lbs 2oz, 18lbs, 17lbs, 14lbs, & 12lbs, a Linear at 16lbs and Kittens at 7lbs, 5lbs & 4lbs – well done Colin


Sean fishing the Specimen Lake for 36 hours from the 1st June, on Swim 10, caught this 36lbs Common Carp


Josh Noall fishing Swim 16 on the Specimen Lake on the 26th May for 48 hours caught this lovely 25lbs 8oz Catfish assisted by Harry Roche


Vince Sharp fishing from Swim 18 on the Specimen Lake on the 26th May for 48 hours caught this 25lbs Crucian Carp using catfish pellets


Our Bailiff Mark Lewin fishing a quick overnighter on Swim 13 on the 26th May caught this impressive 28lbs 5oz Catfish


This young gentleman fishing the House Lake at the weekend caught this beautiful Ghost Carp


Dave Blandford on a 24 hours session on the Specimen Lake on the 17th May on Swim 8 caught this very impressive 40lbs Catfish, he also caught two 15lbs carp, 1 Common & 1 Mirror and also another small catfish


Josh Noall fishing with his partner Caitlin Roche on the Specimen Lake on 22nd May for 24 hours, on swims 8 & 9 caught this 29lbs 3oz Catfish, a 20lbs 3oz Ghostie, a 17lbs Common Carp and a 12lbs Mirror Carp


Colin Morris fishing Swims 2/3 on the Specimen Lake from the 20th May for 48 hours caught a 22lbs 8oz Common, 16lbs Mirror, 38lbs 2oz Catfish, 14lbs 4oz Common, 17lbs Common, 18lbs Common and a 21lbs Common Carp


Another successful trip for Colin Morris fishing Peg 1 on the Specimen Lake, on the 14th/15th May, caught carp including this 14lbs 4oz Common and a stunning 25lbs Chagoi


Ashley Howland fishing Peg 2/3 from the 7th-11th May on the Specimen Lake, caught this Grass Carp, Double Figure Common Carp and a 20lbs Common Carp and a 31lbs & 23lbs Catfish


Josh Howland also fishing Peg2/3 from the 7th-11th May on the Specimen Lake, caught 3 Mirror Carp weighing in at 21lbs, 19lbs and 18lbs


Colin Morris on the 7th/8th May on Pegs 10/11 on the Specimen Lake caught various carp as pictured above, including an 18lbs Mirror, 17lbs 20z Common and a 19lbs Common


A 22lbs & 10lbs carp caught on Peg 10 on the House Lake on Saturday 13th May


Yet another extremely successful fishing session for Colin Morris, fishing Swim 1 on the Specimen Lake from the 30th April for 48 hours, his catch included Common Carp at 20lbs 14oz, 20lbs 6oz, 20lbs 2oz, 20lbs, 19lbs 10oz, 17lbs, 16lbs 4oz, 15lbs 14oz, 14lbs 4oz, 14lbs 2oz, 13lbs 2oz, 12lbs 8oz & 12lbs 2oz, Mirror Carp at 26lbs 12oz, 25lbs 2oz, 21lbs 12oz, 19lbs 2oz, 18lbs 2oz, 16lbs 2oz & 15lbs 6oz and finally a Linear Carp at 14lbs 4oz


Colin Morris on Swim 9 on the 23rd April caught these 22lbs 4oz Mirror Carp, a 19lbs, 17lbs 12oz, 17lbs 8oz, 16lbs, 15lbs 2oz, 14lbs & 12lbs Common Carp and a 13lbs 2oz Leather


Graham Smith fishing Peg 16 on the Specimen Lake on the 22nd April, caught this lovely 26lbs 6oz Common Carp fishing to the island


Colin Morris, his dad Rob and younger brother were fishing Swims 10 & 11 on the Specimen Lake from am on Sunday 9th April to pm on the 10th April and caught 11 fish including a 34lbs Catfish, a 24lbs 12oz, 23lbs, 16lbs, 13lbs & 12lbs Common Carp and a 15lbs Common Carp caught by Colin’s younger brother – as Colin put it “I had another fantastic and hectic session now teaching my little brother how to carp fish and he was rewarded with his little common but he was happy and over the moon”


As appearing in this week’s Anglers Mail (week commencing 10th April)


Richard fishing Swim 17 on the Specimen Lake for 36 hours on the 9th/10th April caught this 11lbs 2oz Mirror Carp and a 32lbs Catfish (34lbs minus the slings weight of 2lbs wet).  Richard ; “many thanks had a wicked time being my birthday today 10th, will be back again soon thanks”


Clive fishing Swim 13 for 48 hours from Friday 7th April caught these Carp and Catfish



Did you catch us on The Big Fish Off on Thursday 23rd March on ITV 4 hosted by Ali Hamidi & Dean Macey and featuring Bobby George and Jimmy White, fishing our Kidney Lake


Colin Morris and his dad Rob, fishing Swims 2 & 3 on the Specimen Lake from the 2nd April, caught a 10lbs & 9lbs Pike and a 14lbs & 18lbs Common Carp


These are some of the catches that Sam Pinner and his group had, who booked the Specimen Lake from the morning of Friday 31st March through to Sunday 2nd April

Colin 22CColin 18CColin 14.8MColin 15CColin 16.12CColin 25.8CColin 15C 2

Colin always remembers to send me his catches, so here is his catch from Swim 3 on the Specimen Lake on the 12th March for 36 hours – a 22lbs Common, 18lbs Common, 14lbs 8oz Mirror, 15lbs Common, 16lbs 12oz Common, 25lbs 8oz Common and a 15lbs Common Carp

Colin 17-1Colin 17-2Colin 17-3Colin 17-4Colin 17-5Colin 17-6Colin 17-7

Colin Morris fishing Peg 17 on the Specimen Lake on the 2nd March for 36 hours caught a 30lbs 2oz, 17lbs, & 18lbs Common Carp and a 17lbs & 26lbs Mirror Carp and a 33lbs Catfish


These are some of the catches on the weekend of the 3rd March on Swims 1, 2 & 3 on the Specimen Lake


Some photos of Dom Vallance with catches from the Specimen Lake from 2016


Josh Noall fishing the Specimen Lake on Peg 17 from Sunday 29th January for 36 hours caught surprisingly these two Catfish weighing in at 29lbs 8oz and 27lbs 6oz


Yes, Colin Morris is back and after fishing for just 36 hours on the Specimen Lake on Peg 1 from Sunday 1st January, he caught this 29lbs 2oz Common, 24lbs Mirror and 19lbs 2oz Common.  Well done Colin.