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VISITORS: updated 01/11/2021 13:00…… you are welcome to have a visitor as clearly started in the notices section, however visitors or guests must only arrive within arrival times of 7:30am to 11am Monday – Friday and 7:30am – 12pm ( mid-day ) Saturday – Sunday! they must also before proceeding onto the fishery grounds speak with a member of staff in the tackle shop, if nobody is there then please buzz the intercom or ring one of the numbers provided but do not proceed on if no contact was possible, failure to do so will resort in being asked to leave. please keep visitors to a minimum. 

Lake Closures: 

As many of you are aware during the winter months we have matches on some of the lakes on the main fishery, so below please find the dates and lakes closed for the upcoming few weeks:

Sunday 12th December – Len’s Match Lake

Monday 27th December – house lake

Updated 09/12/21 – CASH ONLY FOR FISHING 


A reminder to all anglers… we have arrival times in place for a reason, they are not there for you to pick and choose from! The times are not set for just day anglers, anyone booked on this rule also applies to you bookings begin at 8am ( if you are going to be later than that please make us aware when booking ) you must be here before 11am Monday – Friday and before mid-day Saturday & Sunday not planning on rocking up at gone mid-day on a Friday or 2pm or even 4pm!….. thank you

face masks are required inside the shop and around staff members! shop is open monday to friday 7:30am – 11am only… weekends 7:30am – 12pm fishery opening times are 7:30am – 6:30pm 

A reminder to all anglers (21 years and over) with juniors (under 16) accompanying them, due to our insurance all juniors must be no further than 6 feet from an adult at all times (definitely not fishing  on another lake).  It is still one adult to one junior and anybody found leaving juniors unaccompanied will be asked to leave immediately with no refunds given.


  • Can only fish Len’s Match Lake & Kidney Lake and must be accompanied by an ADULT ANGLER AT ALL TIMES (Over 21 years of age) PLEASE DO NOT ASK IF YOUR CHILD MAY USE TWO RODS, THIS REQUEST WILL BE DENIED, ONE ROD ONLY FOR UNDER 16’S ONLY! 


  • May fish the House Lake, Lens Match Lake and Kidney Lake unaccompanied. NOT the Specimen Lake (including being accompanied by an adult angler)


  • May fish any Lake BUT not our private lakes!…. they are Match bookings only 

(Please find the full rules regarding junior anglers in the ‘Notices’ section under the subheading ‘Newsletter’.)




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