Recent Catches



Josh Noall fishing the Specimen Lake for 24hours Caught an outstanding 40lbs 8oz Catfish, Good Catch Josh



Cody fishing the Specimen Lake on peg 3 for 36 hours Caught an impressive 20lbs 2oz Mirror, well done from us all here at milton pools fishery.


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Josh Noall fishing the Specimen lake for 24hour caught some beautiful fish including 14lbs 6oz Mirror and a 14lbs 6oz Common.


IMG_0284 IMG_0285 IMG_0286

The dixey family on Lens match lake had a great days fishing including catching variety of Carp this included Mirrors, Commons and Ghost Carp some of which are pictured above.


IMG_0002 IMG_0004 IMG_1492 IMG_1493 IMG_1502 IMG_1507

image1-4Josh Noall had an outstanding 24hour session catching 15 fish from the House Lake including an 18lb Ghostie and a 15lb Mirror Carp and then moved on to the Specimen Lake for the last two hours of his fishing session and caught a 23lbs 4oz Common and a 14lbs Grass Carp.  Massive well done from us all here at Milton Pools Fishery.



Steve Salmon, who also joined his brother-in-law Mark the bailiff, caught one of the most popular species of the evening, a 14lbs Cat, an impressive night.



Mr R Broome fishing the Specimen Lake on swim 4 caught this well sized carp weighing in at 21lbs.



Milton Pools Bailiff Mark Lewin fishing swims 16 & 17 on the Specimen lake caught this impressive 41lbs Cat Fish, Well done from us all.



Liam, a Milton Pools regular, joining Mark on pegs 16 and 17, caught this feisty 26lbs Catfish along with this impressive 36lbs Cat fish adding to an eventful nights fishing, kicking off the start of the season for the Milton Pools Catfish.




Marone Jellis on peg 2 for 48 hours Caught this incredible 33lbs 6oz Catfish, He is looking forward to his next session here with us at Milton pools fishery, we look forward to you’re return,



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Above are some of Colin Morris’s fish caught during a recent session the weights consisted of 11lbs 2oz Common, 15lbs 2oz Common, 18lbs 8oz Common, 19lbs Common, 20lbs Common, 23lbs Mirror and an amazing 26lbs Common, Well done again Mr Morris I’m sure we will see you soon!



Friday 23rd March 2018 – Josh Noal on swim 14 caught an incredible 23lbs 9oz Mirror. Massive well done from us all here at Milton Pools Fishery.