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Some of our recent catches during 2021

Mark Lewin our fishery bailiff enjoyed his session fishing the Specimen lake on peg 3 and was rewarded with these Carp.. later in his session his beautiful daughter Holly came for a visit and fished the back pond to Lens Match Lake, she hit it off with this Crucian and a lovely looking carp.


Returning Milton Pools regular Chris Ellis has been enjoying his time on the House Lake recently following a few years away from the sport. Over the past couple of weeks he has had a variety of fish out including a stunning orange Koi, a couple of small kittens showing just how well they have bred since being introduced, a 20lbs Mirror, 20lbs 3oz Common, and a peach of a Common weighing in at 22lbs 5oz. He then followed that up by rounding off his session with a whopping 43lbs 1oz Catfish which we were then able to move across to the Specimen Lake so that it can continue its impressive growth. Not a bad way to reintroduce yourself to fishing, fantastic angling Chris well done and welcome back.

Gavin our permanent resident on one of his many visits 😂 fishing peg 6 on the Specimen lake on the 8th August endured a tough session but battled through to find the fish, 4 of which are pictured below with the biggest weighing 19lbs, nice work Gavin well done

Norman Goodey fishing peg 16 on Specimen Lake battled the ever changing weather conditions for just over 72 hours and was rewarded with 3 Commons weighing 11lbs, 16lbs and 18lbs. A 23lbs Mirror and then finished up his session with hefty 54lbs Catfish, fantastic work well done

Ollie Fishing peg 6 on the specimen lake was only here a short while when he successfully caught this lovely carp well done Ollie, nice to see close in fishing doing the business again fantastic angling.

Jake, who is slowly making his way round the whole of the Specimen Lake decided to have a go on Peg 8 this time out, and once again using his favoured method of close in fishing just off of the lily pads and was surprised just 25 minutes in with this stunning carp which he was unfortunately unable to give us a weight for as he was still in the process of setting up, fish do like to keep you on your toes. Well done Jake

Josh fishing the Specimen lake peg 14 on Monday to Wednesday caught this 20lbs 8oz Koi and 15lbs 2oz Mirror 🎣

A few photos of Alan Lewis fishing Lens match lake on Wednesday

8th August 2021 – Gavin had a very hard session here with us at Milton Pools Fishery due to the weather being up and down but he still managed to find a few beauties. 19lbs being the biggest.

Our fishery bailiff Mark Lewin fishing on the Specimen lake last weekend was finally rewarded with this 18lbs 13oz Carp

Glenn and Luke fishing pegs 4 & 5 on the Specimen Lake at the beginning of the week enjoyed their visit, catching one Mirror and two Commons, weighing 19lbs, 21lbs and 23lbs respectively. Also always nice to hear our customers say they will definitely be returning, we look forward to seeing you again.

Another regular here at Milton Pools Fishery, Steve, fishing on peg 18 on the Specimen Lake for an extra long weekend session showed just how well close in fishing does with this impressive haul of fish ranging from 12lbs to 18lbs, he then followed up by breaking his personal best with a 28lbs 11oz Common, congratulations Steve.

Max squeezing in a quick fishing session on peg 5 on the Specimen Lake on Sunday was rewarded with this stunning 26lbs Grass Carp.

Well done Rob on your new personal best, showing that the Cats are breeding well with this cracking little kitten.

Gavin, another Milton Pools regular fishing our Specimen Lake for a few days had some stunning fish including a Common weighing 27lbs, a Mirror weighing in at 26lbs 9oz, along with a few more Carp up to 18lbs, and 2 beautiful Chagois one of which weighted a hefty 27lbs. Brilliant fishing once again showing patience and perseverance pays off well done Gavin.

Back for another session, Milton Pools regular Andrew Lewis, again fishing the front of the Specimen Lake for 48 hours had a lovely 32lbs 4oz Common, followed by a 31lbs 5oz Catfish, another Catfish at 32lbs 2oz, and two small kittens weighing 12lbs and 8lbs 6oz.

Joining his friend Andrew on the front of the Specimen Lake, Luke also had a productive session catching a 22lbs Carp, 34lbs Cat, 54lbs Cat, 19lbs Grass Carp, 15lbs Carp, he also rounded off his session with a small kitten, 12lbs Pike and he also lost 2 nice size Catfish.

Andrew Lewis on another trip to Milton Pools Fishery caught a 20lbs Carp, 26lbs Carp, 23lbs Grass Carp, along with a 50lbs Catfish, 8lbs Cat. Finishing up his session Andrew had another 19lbs Carp, 18lbs Cat, and a 25lbs Cat and also lost another 3 nice size Cats, another impressive session for Andrew, well done.

Luke (pictured above) fishing with Andrew Lewis on the Specimen Lake caught a few Commons at 23lbs 6oz, 18lbs 10oz and 17lbs 4oz.  The biggest Carp weighed in at 29lbs 1oz and a Catfish at 18lbs 8oz and finally a small Common at 16lbs.

One of our regular anglers Steve Mackie fishing swim 18 on the Specimen Lake caught this lovely Common.

Another regular Gavin Andrews caught this 26lb 9oz Mirror and 27lbs 2oz Chagoi, well done again Gavin.

Shane and Lewy fishing the Specimen Lake on swims 13 and 14 caught this impressive 55lbs Catfish, plus two Carp up to 27lbs.

Alex, Bobby and Darren fished the Specimen Lake on pegs 3, 4 & 5 during the week and had a successful session landing Catfish up to 50lbs, along with lots of kittens, and five more Cats weighing, 15lbs, 24lbs, 28lbs, 39lbs, and 50lbs. They then had an unexpected guest in the form of a 14lbs Common which was in stunning condition.

Just to change it up from all the Specimen pictures – Alan Lewis fishing the Kidney Lake on the 14th July had a great days fishing with just some of the stunning fish caught pictured above.

Jack (above) fishing the Motorway bank on our Specimen lake on a day ticket caught this 21lbs Catfish, well done 🎣

Wayne fishing for 48hours on the Specimen Lake, he had an fantastic time here and managed to bag himself this hefty 51lbs 4oz catfish, massive well done to you and see you again soon 🎣 🐠 (and he also sent in a couple of nice shots of the Specimen Lake).

John and his friend have pitched up with us and are having a wonderful time, his friend so far managed this beautiful 36lbs 2oz Carp. Well done 🐠 🎣

Just received this photo from James showing the kittens are growing well now weighing 13lbs 🎣 🐠

Tony successfully caught these 3 fish in his 24 hour session with us here at Milton, he had a wonderful time even breaking his personal best of 32lbs.

Ricky fishing peg 16+17 sent these lovely pictures in on Instagram look how pretty the view of the Specimen Lake is.. it’s not only the fish we like to see it’s also our amazing surroundings.. 🎣

Ant fishing on the Specimen Lake had a brilliant time, and caught this 32lbs 4oz and 33lbs 4oz whilst fishing peg 4 well done 🐟

Gav fishing on peg 1 on our Specimen Lake as usual, had a cracking session and bagged himself the following… 15lbs 2oz, 16lbs 7oz, 20lbs, 20lbs Grass Carp, 12lbs and 14lbs. Massive well done to our superb regular see you again soon 🎣 🐠

Ollie fishing close in on peg 6 on the Specimen Lake enjoyed his session, he was woken at the unsociable hour of 4am with this 31lbs 6oz Cat well done Ollie.

Josh fishing peg 4 had a much harder session but was still rewarded with a 14lbs 2oz Common and 18lbs 2oz Mirror.

Mark Feakes and his son, who traveled from the Isle of Wight to try out our venue had to battle some tough conditions but were still rewarded with some impressive fish, including a 21lbs Common (top right), 29lbs Common (bottom left), and a 51lbs Catfish. Well done, and we look forward to seeing you again in a few months.

Paul and his friends fishing pegs 9,10,11 on the Specimen Lake sent in these photos from their recent session.

`Leo and his brother fishing the House Lake pegs 10 & 11 sent in these pictures which unfortunately had no weights, nice to see some of the pics starting to come in from our House Lake, always a productive lake to have a great session on.

Jake, who has turned into a bit of a Milton Pools regular in recent weeks sent in the following pictures from a quick 24 hour session he did on peg 18 on our Specimen Lake during the week, two stunning Commons weighing 23lbs 6oz and 24lbs 5oz, well done and we look forward to seeing you again soon.

Some pictures from Mark, unfortunately no weights given

30lbs Catfish

Adam Bee with two impressive Catfish off of peg 17 on the Specimen Lake weighing 40lbs & 55lbs respectively, just increasing to the large number of big Cats that have been coming out recently, well done.

Some pictures from Gavin’s bank holiday trip to us.

Josh caught this very impressive number of fish – 33lbs10oz, 46lbs 2oz, 20lbs 2oz, 11lbs 7oz, 17lbs 2oz, 14lbs 5oz, 19lbs 9oz, 50lbs, 50lbs 2oz, 24lbs 4oz, 57lbs 3oz, 8lbs 4oz, 37lbs 7oz, 14lbs 5oz, 45lbs 2oz and 8lbs 6oz

House Lake

Lens Lake

sorry for the long delay on our updates here are some recent photos sent to us by our regular anglers, massive well done to you all some very beautiful catches.


Molly rose doing a night on one of lens match lakes adjoining pools, showing her fantastic angling skill with managing a superb 19fish in total. massive well done.

Dans successful recent visit caught this incredible 43lbs Cat along with topping his person best with this 27lbs Mirror.

Russel caught this 22lbs Common on his latest trip here.

Tom fishing our Specimen lake and was rewarded with this Common.

Connor Perry recent successful trip here with us at Milton he caught this 19lbs Common.

Regular Santiago Taboada fishing Peg 4 on the Specimen Lake on the 18th June caught this impressive 46lbs 12oz catfish on a Mainline Cell Boilie

Dion fishing Peg 16 on the Specimen Lake on Friday 17th May caught this carp on ccMoore Pacific 15mm boil and the cat on a Dynamite Halibut Boilie

Regular Andy Hammond caught this 35lbs Cat off Peg 14 on the 9th May 2019

Five Star Baits Team Member and our regular Colin Morris fishing our Specimen Lake Caught an incredible 36 Carp, 18 over 20lbs to 28lbs using the amazing five star bait 20kg of Nutz and the Crayz to keep the fish coming!

Bill Fished our Specimen Lake over the Weekend and caught this stunning 31lbs 2oz Common once again using the Fantastic Five Star Baits  ( nutz )

Josh Noall fishing peg 4 on our Specimen lake overnight and caught this 17lbs 2oz Common.

Ritchie a Five star baits Member and our new regular managed to bag himself this beast ( the one eye Common ) using once again the outstanding five star baits….

Five star team members Jason and Richard have braved all types of weather here at Milton and produced these beautiful specimens, All caught using five star bait collection, follow these guys on Instagram @fivestarbaits or browse their website







Andrew Aldridge braved the cold weather and was awarded a 27lb catfish caught on the Specimen lake on a 24 hr session well done Andrew we look forward to seeing you again at Milton Pools fishery.

A recent Catch here at Milton Pools.