Recent Catches 2022


Well it’s that time again…the Cat Man is back, Andy Sprinks Lewis returned for his first 48 hour session of the month and surprise surprise he had a few Catfish on the bank. Andy and his friend Sam began their session on Friday with Andy catching two Catfish, weighing 31lbs and 58lbs respectively. Sam, who’s previous PB was a 19lbs Catfish, then caught four Cats with three of them weighing, 42lbs, 48lbs & 58lbs along with a stunning 22lbs Common for good measure. Gareth then joined his friends for the final 24 hours and caught his very first Catfish breaking the lake record with a monstrous 63lbs Cat, he then followed that up with two more weighing 55lbs and 51lbs, not a bad way to get off the mark fantastic angling. Three very happy anglers, well done to you all and we will see you again in just over a weeks time.

Josh Noalls jumped in on peg 14 on Specimen Lake for a quick 36 hour session at the end of May and once again caught some stunning fish that included a small Kitten (again showing how well they’re breeding not only in the Specimen Lake but also in the House Lake), a picture perfect 25lbs 6oz Mirror, a feisty 22lbs 4oz Grass Carp, and a hefty 53lbs Catfish. Well done Josh.
Milton Pools bailiff Mark Lewin hopped into one of our last remaining swims over Jubilee Weekend to do some close in fishing off of peg 6 on the Specimen Lake. After battling the ever changing conditions that the weekend decided to throw at us, Mark managed to land a couple of fish which was highlighted by this lovely 25lbs 2oz Mirror that decided to show its face in the early hours, showing once again showing that margin fishing produces well. Well done Mark
 Well it’s been another extremely busy weekend here at Milton Pools Fishery with many anglers making the most of Jubilee Weekend, the glorious weather of Thursday and Friday and then the ‘slightly damper’ weather of Saturday and Sunday. One of the anglers who braved the changing conditions was Milton Pools regular Chris Ellis who got absolutely soaked when this 34lbs 5oz Catfish came out to play during the downpour on Saturday night. Chris caught this nice slab off of peg 8 on the Specimen Lake using his trusted Five Star Baits Illusion Wafters, well done mate
Milton Pools regular Steve Mackie a.k.a. Ginger Steve spent the week fishing on the Specimen Lake, beginning on peg 17 before moving to peg 18 for Jubilee Weekend, and what a week he had…landing 4 Commons, 1 Mirror, 1 Leather, and a baby 4lbs Kitten for good measure. However, he wasn’t done there…he decided to save the best till last and caught a stunning 33lbs Chagoi (one very happy angler, which we could tell by the amount of jumping around he did once he managed to land it lol), well done Steve! All of Steve’s fish below were caught using a combination of Five Star Baits Bananaz and Nutz and weighed:
Another weekend and another load of photos from Milton Pools regular Gavin Andrews. Since joining the Five Star team, Gavin has found a winning combination of Illusion and Insecta whilst fishing peg 1 on the Specimen Lake since the beginning of the year, racking up over 50 fish in just 6 months, already eclipsing the total number of fish he had in the whole of last year. Bringing up that magical 50 over Jubilee Weekend with a nice little kitten, he added 7 more fish to his tally, with 4 Commons up to 22lbs, a stunning 27lbs Mirror, and a hefty 59lbs Catfish. Brilliant fishing Gav well done and peg 1 will be waiting for you upon your return safe travels.
He’s back! Milton Pools regular Andy Sprinks Lewis returned after only a few short days away and this time he brought company, his brother-in-law, who was experiencing his first session here at Milton Pools and what a session it was…
Fishing pegs 4 & 5 on the Specimen Lake for 48 hours Andy’s brother-in-law landed his first Catfish weighing in at an impressive 50lbs, and once he started there was no stopping him as he followed that up with 5 more Cats ranging from 6-49lbs along with 5 Carp from 14-23lbs including 3 Commons weighing 20lbs, 21lbs and 22lbs respectively.
Not one to be outdone, the man who is normally, Cats, Cats and more Cats decided it was time for a change and had Carp, Carp and more Carp with a Cat mixed in for good measure. Andy finished with 5 Carp, a 17lbs Common, 18lbs Mirror, 20lbs Common, 20lbs Common, and a 29lbs Mirror along with a 31lbs Catfish, in what he said was his “best trip so far”.
Well done on a fantastic session and we look forward to seeing you again soon
Ryan aged 11 has had a couple of lessons here at Milton pools fishery with a great tutor named Steve, on Sunday Ryan and his mum Claire decided to visit us alone for the first time.
being a little uncertain they required a little assistance, Gavin one of our fishery bailiffs was able to help with a twisted rig and gave Ryan a jump start he needed, following this mark then helped them down to the lake, with all this added help from the Milton pools team meant Ryan was able to have a wonderful day 😊 Two happy customers who will definitely be returning to the kidney lake again.

After yet another busy weekend here at Milton pools the photos just keep on coming, this time the Stokes brothers fishing pegs 16 & 17 over the weekend fitting in a 48hrs session, was successfully rewarded the following 13lbs carp, 14lbs 6oz carp and last but not least this stunning 30lbs Chagoi.
Mr Stokes is already planning on visiting again soon.. it’s been a pleasure having you both here, I will try and make sure the no.1 Milton bailiff serves you on your next trip ( AKA Isabella ) 😂

Lewis Anthony Sims had taken some time off from fishing but has been coming to us on day sessions for a year or so now, he joined us for a quick 24hr session on Friday on the house lake and thoroughly enjoyed himself Catching 8 fish but only took photos of these 4. See you again soon

More photos are coming in from this weekend James another happy angler had an enjoyable session on the Specimen lake peg 4.
unfortunately he lost a couple but landing 4 fish in total carp weighing 11lbs, 27lbs 5oz & two Cats weighing 29lbs and an incredible 45lbs 5oz 🎣 🏕
Richie fishing on the specimen lake peg 18 for 24hrs on Saturday, battled through the heat and managed to land a 15lbs Common and 22lbs Mirror, well done 🎣 both caught on five star baits Nutz
Josh fishing the Specimen lake peg 4 Monday to Thursday successfully caught the following: 13lbs 12oz Common, 16lbs 10oz Common, 29lbs 5oz Cat and 33lbs 15oz Cat. 🎣 🏕
Mike fishing yesterday on peg 11 on the House Lake, struggled initially during some varying conditions but after some help and guidance from Milton Pools bailiff Mark he got off the mark with this. 🎣
One of Milton pools regulars Andy Sprinks Lewis fishing the Specimen lake Monday 9th – Thursday 12th May, what a cracking session! landing an impressive 10 Catfish weighing in-between 10lbs and a mighty 58lbs, just as he is about to end his trip what a surprise he got….yet another bite, bringing in this beautiful 24lbs Mirror. ( massive congrats 🎣 ) it’s always a pleasure having you here and we will see you again tomorrow
Steven butler and his partner fishing lens match lake on yet another day session yesterday, with these two weighing 3lbs and 12lbs 3oz, it was nice to see you all here again. 🎣
Robbie Sykes and Kerian enjoyed their session here on the specimen lake last weekend, they was rewarded with a 20lbs Carp, 25lbs Catfish and Kerian caught his first ever cat weighing a mighty 48lbs 10oz ( congrats 👏 ) the excitement didn’t stop there when a greedy pike made an appearance on a large cube of luncheon meat 🎣
Spencer slatter fishing the specimen lake peg 4 on the 7th May, caught the following 8lbs Cat, 10lbs Common, 19lbs 13oz Mirror, 20lbs Common, 20lbs 3oz Common, 29lbs 13oz Mirror and a 43lbs 3oz Cat. Well done 👍
Another Milton Pools regular has been on the bank, Tom Sheffield came down to do a couple of day sessions towards the end of Easter Weekend and also this past Wednesday which resulted in him landing a total of 5 fish with this stunner being the pick of the bunch. Fantastic angling well done Tom.
Yet more fish photos coming through, this time from Josh Noalls who has just left today after fitting in a 48 hours session after Easter Weekend and he wasn’t disappointed. The fish have just kept coming especially the Cats with 6 falling to Josh, who was using a mixture of Five Star Baits Fish Mix Boilies and Halibut Pellets, along with 2 added Commons. Well done Josh and we’ll see you again soon.
50lbs 8oz Catfish
47lbs 2oz Catfish
34lbs 10oz Catfish
28lbs 2oz Catfish
21lbs 4oz Catfish
19lbs 10oz Catfish
19lbs Common
15lbs Common
Another very happy angler enjoying his Easter Weekend fishing session. Matt Walker booked on for his first trip here on Easter Sunday for 36 hours and had a cracking session on peg 8 on the Specimen Lake. He caught two Carp weighing 20lbs and 22lbs respectively and then he rounded off his session with a hefty 41lbs Catfish. Brilliant fishing Matt well done and we’ll see you again soon
And even more photos have started arriving from Easter Weekend, this time from Michael Adams who popped down for a quick day session on Bank Holiday Monday and what a session it was. Hopping in on peg 10 on the Specimen Lake Michael broke 2 PB’s in the space of a few hours first with a 27lbs 5oz Mirror and then followed it up with a 29lbs 12oz. He would also like to say thank you to the angler in the swim next to him who helped him with a double take which resulted in a mid double Chagoi. Fantastic fishing and another very happy angler well done Michael.
It’s that time again, another couple of photos from an exceptional Easter Weekend, this time it’s two fish caught by another Milton Pools regular Tom Bennett who was fishing the motorway bank from Good Friday for 48 hours. He caught a lovely Mirror weighing in at 15lbs 6oz and then finished off his weekend in some style by breaking his PB with a stunning Catfish weighing in at 50lbs (just look at those colours) which he was traditionally soaked for (least the water was warmer and this time of year). Congratulations Tom and we will see you next bank holiday.
Well, well, well, Gavin Andrews and Five Star Baits are becoming quite the dynamite duo. This time Gavin got in on the fun over Easter Weekend fishing peg 1 on the Specimen Lake yet again and had yet another productive session (in fact he actually lost count of the number of fish he had). Fishing using a combination of both Five Star Baits Illusion and Insecta he caught a total of 11 fish including a surprise Cat with the biggest Carp weighing in at 25lbs.
Not a bad way to be spending your Easter break well done Gav and we’ll see you in just over a weeks time.
It’s the end of another weekend so that can only mean one thing…a bombardment of photos from Milton Pools regular Gavin Andrews. This time from last weeks 48 hour session on peg 1 on the Specimen Lake (which is turning into his new little favourite corner), ending his session with 5 fish weighing up to 18lbs 8oz, all caught using Five Star Baits Illusion and they’re new Insecta. Stayed tuned for the next load of photos…
Another load of pictures from a manic Easter Weekend’s fishing on the Specimen Lake with Milton Pools regular Chris Ellis finishing off his session with yet another 30 this morning. Chris fishing with his wife on pegs 16 & 17 since Thursday morning battled through a tough first couple of days to reap the rewards in the final 72 hour stint of his session using his trusted Five Star Baits Illusion Boilies and Wafters over a bed of a combination of crumb, hemp and salmon oil. He finished with a total of 8 fish which included:
2 x 14lbs Common
17lbs Common
2 x 18lbs Common
22lbs Common
23lbs 12oz Common
And lastly but certainly not least 30lbs Common
Well done Chris and we will see you again next week
Another couple of anglers have been enjoying their Easter Weekend, Billy & George have just left this morning after spending 48 hours on pegs 4 & 5 on the Specimen Lake. Turning up for their time here on Saturday morning they hit the ground running catching 4 fish on their first day which was highlighted by a stunning 30lbs Carp. The following day, continuing to fish close to the bank, the fish kept coming including a Catfish at 32lbs. By the end of the of Billy and George’s session they had landed 9 fishing weighing: 32lbs, 30lbs, 27lbs, 21lbs 5oz, 18lbs, 17lbs, 16lbs 5oz, 16lbs & 14lbs.
Well done to you both and we look forward to seeing you again
Well it’s been another very busy Easter Weekend here at Milton Pools Fishery with the nice weather sparking the fish off and many of the anglers having extremely productive sessions, with the Specimen Lake in particular having one of the best 96 hour periods we’ve seen in our time here. One angler who is currently having a session to remember, so much so he has extended his trip here with us, is John Mobey who is fishing pegs 2 & 3 on the Specimen Lake with his current fish tally being (with more fish coming daily):
30lbs 10oz Mirror
27lbs 10oz Mirror
23lbs 9oz Common
20lbs 12oz Mirror
19lbs 12oz Mirror
19lbs 5oz Mirror
19lbs 4oz Mirror
16lbs 7oz Ghostie Mirror
16lbs Common
33lbs 8oz Catfish
28lbs 8oz Catfish
16lbs Catfish
All were caught using a combination of 12mm & 15mm Five Star Baits Fish Mix Boilies with the accompanying Fish Mix Bait Dip over a mixture pellets and corn with a few freebies as an added extra.
Fantastic fishing John well done and we look forward to adding more to the list.
John mobey and his friend fishing the specimen lake On a couple of occasions over the last month, caught some stunning fish including these three commons and two mirrors pictured above.  Fantastic fishing John well done and we look forward to adding more to the list.


Ryan fishing the house lake yesterday on a day session caught these two carp weighing 13.5lbs and 14lbs caught on on Robbin reds pellets. 🐠 🎣 well done

Andrew Davies fishing the motorway bank caught this lovely 27lbs 1oz Carp

27th March 2022 Hi would just like to start by thanking milton pools for a great weekend on the bank especially their very kind ballif who was luckily there to give a helping hand with his bait boat, top man and also mark for his advise. Fishing was slow but between us we did have a few runs unfortunatly unable to land them/bumping off however my brother Chris did manage to land himself a beautiful looking 10lb pike from peg 18 just off the corner of the island close in I know its not a monster but thought to send it in as such a good looking fish. This was also Chris’s pb pike so absoulty buzzing thankyou so much hopefully be back again soon.  Kerry

One of our permanent fixtures Gavin fishing peg 1 on the Specimen lake once again over the weekend and did amazingly topping his personal best, landing this incredible 33lbs 8oz Carp.
This little beauty was caught on some new bait from five star baits, well done gav Five Star Baits


Mark fishing the Specimen lake on the 25th February for 48hrs was rewarded with this catfish and Common ( caught on five star baits deception ) Five Star Baits

Nathan fishing peg 13/14 on Saturday 26th February in his words enjoyed his amazing 24hr session on the Specimen lake he unfortunately Nathan didn’t manage to weigh one of his catches but the other two are 15lbs and 19lbs 14oz, well done and we will see you again soon

Richard and his daughter Abs latest trip together here at Milton pools Richard caught this 23lbs Common and his daughter did amazingly on lens lake with these two little stunners!! Beautiful colours well done

It was Andrews first time here with us at Milton yesterday fishing the Specimen lake pegs 2/3 with his brother, he successfully caught this lovely mirror at 21:30 followed by a little birthday treat at 1:30am the Mirror came in at 14lbs and the Common was 15lbs 6oz

Chris fishing the specimen lake over the weekend caught this 19lbs Common using five star baits

Josh fishing our specimen lake a couple of weeks back on a couple of sessions caught these two Carp weighing in at 15lbs and 17lbs.. mirror caught on insecta and common caught on plum elite corky pop ups ( five star baits )

Friday 11th Feb 2022! Gav one of our wonderful regulars popped down for a quick day fish yesterday, early on in his session he was warmly welcomed with these two beauties weighing in the lower doubles! The trip then turned into more than just a day  Well done gav Chris Ellis fishing the Specimen lake 2/3 on Saturday 12th feb 2022 was rewarded with this mighty 30lbs Carp! Well done Another one of our Milton regulars Steve fished the Specimen lake on one of his favourite pegs 16/17 he caught this 12lbs Carp, well don’t Steve  Mark our fishery bailiff caught two Carp from pegs 16/17 weighing 16lbs… just look how beautiful those scales are especially on the grass Carp  well done mark

Chris and John fishing the Specimen lake recently on pegs 10&11 as usual they both enjoyed their time spent here, they are always disappointed when it’s time to leave 😂 they caught the following fish weighing 18lbs 2oz, 21lbs 2oz, 23lbs 1oz and 24lbs 4oz! See you both all again soon

Chris finally finished his session here with this lovely looking Carp weighing 23lbs…  well done and we will no doubt see you again soon. I received a text message from Chris as he was leaving to thank us for his stay and to say how happy be was, how it’s been the best session ever. Chris is having an extremely awarding session here with us at Milton! He’s done it again with this Common weighing just under 31lbs!! Followed by a stunning 19lbs golden Koi. Chris Ellis has gone and done it again pulling out this Mirror weighing just under 26lbs! Still a little while to go fingers crossed for some more!… all have been caught using five star baits 🌟 illusion. Well  doneChris Ellis fishing on the Specimen Lake added to his lovely 32lbs 12oz, with this stunning Common that weighed in at over 22 1/2lbs, well done again Chris I will await more photos!… keep them coming.Chris fishing the Specimen lake peg 16/17 has just literally caught this impressive 32lbs 12oz Carp… well done

Some delayed photos from the fishery bailiff mark Lewin’s stay with us a couple of weeks ago.. Well done beautiful looking fish 😍! Caught on the Specimen lake peg 4 Sorry for slacking the reminder was needed this morning