Barbless hooks only.

  1. Total surface fishing and zig rigs are banned on all lakes (hooks must be at least 18 inches below the surface of the water).
  2. All landing nets must be dipped and left submerged in the blue tank by the shop door before going on to the fishery. Please bring your landing net with you before purchasing a ticket (do not take your gear on and then come back and dip your net).
  3. 2 Rods maximum on all lakes.
  4. Unhooking mats are required on all lakes ( No towels to be used to handle our fish )
  5. Anybody found disobeying these rules will be told to leave immediately – NO refunds will be given.
  6. The gates open at 7:30am and close at 18:30– no anglers/visitors may arrive or depart during the gate closure times.
  7. No self prepared hemp or mixed particles (except sweetcorn and shop bought hemp).
  8. No nuts in particular tiger nuts.
  9. No braided main line but braided hook-links are allowed.
  10. No lead-core.
  11. No fixed rigs (i.e. must use a safety rig system).
  12. Minimum of 12lbs line must be used on the Specimen Lake and 10lbs on the House Lake.
  13. No Dogs Allowed (except for Guide Dogs)
  14. No floating baits
  15. No Bread ( what so ever )
  16. No Dog biscuit
  17. Pike Fishing season runs from October – March
  18. Pike Fishing – No spinning or lures, dead bait only shop bought (no dead bait from other waters or the same water) barbless hooks and no pike gags


  1. You must be 16 years of age or over to be left unaccompanied.
  2. House Lake – Junior anglers (under the age of 16) cannot fish the House Lake (including when accompanied by an adult angler).
  3. Specimen Lake – Junior anglers (under the age of 18) cannot fish the Specimen Lake (including when accompanied by an adult angler).
  4. Junior anglers may ONLY fish the Kidney Lake and Len’s Match Lake, as long as they are accompanied by an adult (over 21 years of age).
  5. Rods – Junior anglers can only use one rod so please do not ask to use two rods as your request will be denied.


Age restrictions on the following lakes:

  • House Lake – 16 years of age or older
  • Campbell’s Match Lake – 16 years of age or older

No juniors to fish these lakes.