2015 Newsletter




One of our regulars Dan fishing the House Lake recently caught these double figure carp


Liam, another regular at Milton Pools caught these 2 double figure carp on the Specimen Lake


Andy Perla on a recent trip to the Specimen Lake, caught this lovely Common Carp

IMG_2413 IMG_2417 IMG_2411 IMG_2408

Regular Colin Morris fishing Swim 13 on the Specimen Lake on the 21st September, 2015 for 48 hours caught an 11lbs Common, 14lbs Common, 17lbs 8oz Koi, 22lbs Common, 26lbs 6oz Mirror and a 28lbs Catfish (some pictured above)


Matthew Zaccatdelli fishing Swim 10 on the 13th September for 24 hours caught this 30lbs Common by the lillies at 4.40pm on cell bait


Colin Morris fishing with us again on the 14th September caught 6 Commons ranging from 13lbs – 19lbs


This 22lbs Carp was caught by Jon whilst fishing peg 6 and 7 during mid week in late August.  The carp picked up a single Tandoori pop-up which was placed over a small bed of pellets just off the lily pads.


Milton Pools regular Luke did it again when he caught this 23lbs Mirror close in off peg 6 on the Specimen Lake during a weekend session at the beginning of August.


Daniel Stott caught this impressive 27lbs 5oz Catfish whilst fishing round the back of the island on peg 16 of the Specimen Lake for a weekend session in late July.


Milton Pools regulars Colin and Rob Morris who fished the Specimen Lake during mid July until the end of July had an impressive spell catching a variety of both Carp, Catfish and even a Pike.  The weights of this impressive haul were, 10lbs 4oz, 12lbs, 18lbs, 19lbs 8oz, 31lbs 12oz, 33lbs, 34lbs 2oz, 34lbs 2oz and 35lbs.


On Tuesday the 16th of June Colin Morris and his dad Rob fished pegs 8 and 9 on the Specimen Lake for 36hours, their session produced 19-20 Carp and 2 Catfish, an 18lbs Grass Carp, a 17lbs Mirror, 14lbs 12oz Common, a 12lbs Catfish and a 12lbs Koi Carp are just some of the fish shown in the pictures above.


During two recent fishing trips to Milton Pools, Colin Morris caught of brace of stunning Commons weighing 14lbs, 15lbs, 16lbs, 16lbs, 19lbs, and 25lbs respectively, along with a cracking 28lbs 8oz Catfish to round it off. Another impressive session from a Milton Pools regular.

2015-06-13 13.26.312015-06-15 13.30.3222015-06-12-10-58-25___IMG_00762015-06-14 15.32.22

The two Kevins, Kevin Oliver and Kevin Cleavely, both Milton Pools regulars were fishing pegs 4 and 5 on the Specimen Lake for 48hours in mid June and caught a variety of both Commons and Mirrors, weighing 14lbs, 16lbs 6oz, 24lbs and 23lbs 2oz individually. Congratulations to you both on a great session and we’ll see you in September.


During another weekly session to Milton Pools, angler Colin Morris caught a 14lbs Mirror, a 23lbs Common and a 31lbs Catfish while fishing pegs 16 and 17 for 24 hours at the beginning of June.


During the same session, Rob Morris caught this stunning 34lbs Catfish during the early hours.


During the final weekend in May, angler Ben Mayfield caught this 25lbs Mirror whilst fishing just off the aerator on peg 6 on the Specimen Lake for 24hours.


On the 19th of May, Mr. Saviour fishing peg 13 on the Specimen Lake for 24hours broke his duck with a 15lbs 12oz Carp caught in the late afternoon, before breaking his record again with an 18lbs 11oz Common caught at 11pm, a picture of which is shown above.


Above are a collection of fish caught by Colin Morris during the month of May whilst fishing the Specimen Lake for multiple session, there is a variety of both Common and Mirror Carp ranging from 13lbs to 23lbs.


Above are three fish caught by weekly angler Colin Morris, who fished pegs 8 and 9 on the Specimen Lake for 24hours from the 5th of May.  The session produced a total of 10 fish which included a 8lbs Common, 9lbs 6oz Common, 10lbs 2oz Common, 10lbs 4oz Mirror, 15lbs Mirror and a 25lbs Mirror.


These two fish were caught by Milton Pools Bailiff Mark Lewin during a couple of recent fishing trips.  The 26lbs Catfish was caught 10mins after casting out off of peg 1 on the Specimen Lake, and the same swim would later produce a stunning 30lbs Common (unfortunately we cannot get the picture to upload to our website).


This high teen Common whilst caught by Jasper whilst fishing the Specimen Lake in May.


A member of the Mr Wicks party fishing peg 1 on the Specimen Lake for 36hours caught this stunning 30lbs Common Carp on the 2nd of May.

Ian Knowles

On only his second trip to Milton Pools on the 2nd of May, Mr Knowles was awoken at 6:15am by this 25lbs Mirror Carp breaking his personal best.

ColinColin 2Colin 3Colin 4

Above are four of the fish caught by Milton Pools weekly regular Colin Morris whilst fishing round the back of the Specimen Lake for 36hours from the 28th of April.  The fish that Colin caught weighed between 12-18lbs in a variety of species ranging from Commons to Mirrors.

Mr Randall 2Mr Randall

Angler Tony Randall caught this 20lbs 13oz and 27lbs 3oz Catfish along with two carp whilst fishing the Specimen Lake on pegs 10 and 11 for 48hours from Sunday the 26th of April.

Craig 2Craig

On the 20th of April, Milton Pools regular Craig Pearce caught a 12lbs Grass Carp, a 17lbs Mirror Carp, and after losing two Catfish caught this 24lbs Catfish to round off a good session.  All of these were caught whilst fishing peg 1 on the Specimen Lake for 48hours.

LiamLiam 2

Another Milton Pools regular Liam, who early in the year had an impression spell on pegs 13 and 14 on the Specimen Lake, decided to change things up and fish from the front of the Specimen Lake and was rewarded with these two impressive fish while fishing in mid April.

Matt enjoying his fishing again - Milton Pools Oxon 21 04 2015

This 13lbs Common Carp was caught by Matt who was brought by his friend for a days fishing on the House Lake on the 21st of April. We would also like to thank Mick for the email which accompanied the picture saying what a great day they had in the lush surroundings of Milton Pools Fishery.


Anthony Randall fishing pegs 16 and 17 on the Specimen Lake for 48hours from the 15th April caught this nice 16lbs Mirror Carp. While his friend Brian caught a 36lbs 5oz Catfish during the same session, a picture of which is shown below.



Craig Pearce who did another 48hours on peg 18 on the Specimen Lake caught these two Mirror Carp which weighed 13lbs 4oz and 16lbs respectively.


Milton Pools regular Luke Shepherd caught this 22lbs Mirror Carp whilst doing a 48hour session on the Specimen Lake in mid April.


Whilst fishing peg 18 on the Specimen Lake for a weekend session from the 12th of April Craig Pearce caught this nice 20lbs Common Carp.



Milton Pools regular Colin Morris was once again fishing the Specimen Lake this time on pegs 4 and 5 for 24hours from the 7th to the 8th of April catching a total of 14 fish, a few of which are pictured above, they included a 14lbs Common, a 16lbs Common, a 17lbs Mirror, a 17lbs 9oz Common, a 18lbs Mirror and a 29lbs 6oz Common.


These two Catfish were caught by Shane Matthews who fished peg 7 on the Specimen Lake from the 6th of April for 48hours, they weighed 31lbs and 35lbs respectively.


Tim Shaw who fished peg 1 on the Specimen Lake over Easter Weekend for 48hours from the 4th to the 6th of April, caught a total of 5 fish, a 9lbs 8oz Common, a 10lbs 8oz Common, a 13lbs 12oz Common, a 15lbs 8oz Common and a 15lbs 8oz Mirror Carp.


Luke Shepherd once again fishing the back of the Specimen Lake for a weekend session caught 6 fish 4 of which are photographed above.


Colin Morris who fished pegs 2 and 3 on the Specimen Lake with his dad Rob for 24hours on the 31st of March rounded off the month with a total of 11 fish, both Common’s and Mirror’s weighing between 14-21lbs.

Jasper Giles who was fishing peg 9 on the Specimen Lake on the 29th of March broke his personal best with a 23lbs 10oz Common Carp.  Unfortunately we couldn’t get the photo to work on our website but we thought we’d make a note of it until we can get the picture to upload.


House 2House 5House 3HouseHouse 6

Above are just a handful of some of the fish Michael Brown caught whilst fishing the House Lake for 48hours during the last weekend in March.  Below is what he wrote in his email which we received along with Michael’s pictures:

“I started my session on house lake Friday 27th at 4pm and finished Sunday 29th 4pm. I had my best session on there ever bagging 6 double figure carp with the biggest weighing 14lbs. Although I had one that may have beaten that size but didn’t get the chance to weigh it as it was too dark to find scales. I also managed to catch numerous bream and quite a few smaller carp. Attached are some of the larger carp I caught.
Kind regards
Michael brown”


Ben Holloway fishing pegs 10 and 11 on the Specimen Lake for 24hours on 29th of March caught this nice Common Carp.


During another 24hour session to Milton Pools at the end of March, Colin Morris caught among others, a 16lbs Common, a 17lbs Mirror, a 19lbs Common, a 21lbs Mirror and a 24lbs Mirror Carp, rounding off another impressive spell on pegs 2 and 3 on the Specimen Lake.


Colin Morris who was fishing the Specimen Lake during mid March caught this 16lbs Mirror and a 21lbs Common Carp during a 24hour spell.

Whilst fishing pegs 8 and 9 on the Specimen Lake for 48hours from the 11th to the 13th of March an angler caught a stunning 31lbs 6oz Common Carp (awaiting picture), which produced an impressive fight, leaving the angler to believe he had caught hooked into a Catfish.


Liam 2Liam 3Liam 4

Above are photos of 3 of 20 fish caught by Liam and his friend during a weekend session on pegs 13 and 14 round the back of the islands on the Specimen Lake from the 13th to 15th of March.  All of the fish were caught using Red Rum Boilies by Magnum Baits.


This lovely 24lbs 12oz Carp was caught by Graham while he was fishing the Specimen Lake during mid February.


During the tail end of 2014, Milton Pools regular Kenny caught this stunning 36lbs Catfish while fishing the Specimen Lake overnight.