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Colin Morris fishing Peg 1 from Saturday 5th November to Monday 7th November

Hi Val, another cracking session even though I had very cold northerly winds and even snowing and raining on Saturday night but that didn’t stop the carp from feeding. Also due to my self take camera  batteries going on me I could only get most of my carp pictured on the un hooking mat the following captures are

Commons carp – 22lb 4oz / 21lb / 19lb 14oz / 19lb / 18lb 4oz / 17lb 12oz / 16lb 12oz / 15lb / 13lb 2oz /  12lb / 12lb

Mirror carp – 18lb 12oz / 17lb 14oz / 16lb 4oz / 12lb 6oz

Colin Morris


Colin Morris above on Peg 1 from pm Saturday 29th October on Peg 1

Hi Valerie well what a cracking session I had landing 18 carp to 25lb in a 36 hour session! Only using a small pva bag with my hook bait
And the bites just kept on coming in till I had to go home

Commons carp  24lb 12oz / 23lb / 22lb 4oz / 20lb 3oz / 19lb / 18lb 2o / 17lb / 16lb 4oz /

Mirror carp 25lb 2oz / 22lb 3oz / 20lb / 17lb  12oz / 16lb / 15lb /14lb 6oz / 13lb 14oz / 12lb 4oz

Koi 12lb 6oz

Colin Morris


Evening Valerie had a manic session in the end catching! being up from 4 in the morning Monday 24th October as the rods just kept on going the following carp

Mirrors – 25lb 12oz / 24lb / 22lb / 13lb

Common 24lb 2oz / 22lb / 19lb 4oz / 18lb 2oz / 17lb / 16lb 14oz / 16lb 12 oz / 15lb  4oz / 14lb

Colin Morris


Another regular to Milton Pools, Josh, caught this stunning Mirror Carp whilst fishing the Specimen Lake on a recent visit


Valerie here are the following weights for my recent session on Peg 2 on the Specimen Lake on the 4th October 2016

25lb 12oz common 23lb 4oz common 19lb 2oz common 18lb 12oz mirror 17lb common 15lb 12oz common 15lb common

Colin Morris


Colin & his dad Rob once again have an impressive catch whilst fishing the Specimen Lake from pm on the 12th September until am on the 15th September, on swims 9 & 10

Cat 20lb / 22lb 12oz
Carp 10lb common / 15lb 12oz common / 17lb 14oz common / 16lb 12oz common
24lb 14oz common / 23lb common
15lb 14oz common / 16lb 2oz leather carp / 8lb 4oz common / 16lb 4oz common / 17lb 2oz grass carp / 13lb common 19lb 4oz common / 18lb 4oz common / 12lb 6oz common


Yes the Morris family have done it again, Colin fishing Swim 9 from Sunday 4th September and his dad Rob from the evening of Tuesday 6th September until the morning of the 8th September, caught the following Carp and Catfish and thank them for faithfully forwarding their photos

Cat 20lb / 22lb 12oz

Carp 10lb common / 15lb 12oz common / 17lb 14oz common / 16lb 12oz common
24lb 14oz common / 23lb common
15lb 14oz common / 16lb 2oz leather carp / 8lb 4oz common / 16lb 4oz common / 17lb 2oz grass carp / 13lb common 19lb 4oz common / 18lb 4oz common / 12lb 6oz common


Yet another successful fishing trip for Colin and his dad Rob Morris, fishing Pegs 13 & 14 from the evening of Monday 29th August until the morning of Thursday 1st September, caught the fish listed below, plus a beautiful shot of the Specimen Lake

Cats-  34lb 12oz / 33lb 2oz
Carp – 24lb 12oz common / 21lb 2oz common / 16lb 12oz common / 15lb 2oz common / 24lb mirror / 18lb grass carp  / 17lb mirror / 17lb common / 15lb common / 18lb mirror / 14lb common / 16lb 14oz common / 18lb 12oz common


Colin Morris and his dad Rob fished pegs 2 & 3 on the Specimen Lake from the evening of Tuesday, 23rd August until the morning of Thursday 25th August and caught this impressive list of fish (pictures above) :-
25lb common / 24lb 12oz common / 23lb 10oz common / 18lb common / 18lb 2oz common / 17lb common / 16lb 14oz mirror / 15lb mirror  15lb 2oz common / 13lb common / 12lb 14oz common 11lb mirror


Josh Howland fishing Swim 2 on the Specimen Lake from the morning of Tuesday 9th August for 48 hours caught this 23lbs Common Carp, 10lbs Catfish and a Upper Doubles Grass Carp

FullSizeRender IMG_4569 IMG_4570 IMG_4581 IMG_4593 IMG_4595 IMG_4596 IMG_4598 IMG_4599 IMG_4603 IMG_4611 IMG_4630 IMG_4636 IMG_4639 IMG_4642 IMG_4643 IMG_4658 IMG_4659 IMG_4660 IMG_4661 IMG_4662 IMG_4664 IMG_4667 IMG_4668 IMG_4666 IMG_4665 IMG_4663 IMG_4649 IMG_4645 IMG_4585 IMG_4624 IMG_4618 IMG_4609

The Morris family fishing Swims 17 & 18 on the Specimen Lake, from the evening of Tuesday 9th August for 72 hours caught this impressive list of fish :

35lb 8oz / 35lb / 33lb / 32lb / 31lb 12oz / 30lb 4oz / 27lb 6oz
11lb 8oz common / 11lb 6oz common / 17lb common  / 10lb common / 12lb 8oz common / 12lb 6oz common / 12lb 8oz mirror / 11lb 9oz common / 18lb 4oz mirror / 13lb 8oz common / 17lb 2oz common /  22lb 6oz mirror / 25lb 2oz mirror / 10lb 4oz mirror / 11lb common / 14lb 3oz mirror/ 23lb common / 22lb common / 24lb mirror / 18lb 12oz mirror / 18lb 14oz common / 19lb common/  17lb 14oz common  / 16lb mirror / 16lb 12oz mirror / 15lb 13oz common /  14lb common / 14lb 4oz common /  21lb mirror 20lb mirror / 12lb 14oz common / 15lb 14oz mirror / 20lb 2oz common / 11lb common / 19lb 2oz common / 13lb 6oz common

Son and father fishing swims 16 & 17 from Friday 29th July for 48 hours, caught a 35lbs Catfish and a  25lbs and 24lbs Carp – unfortunately no camera was to hand


Colin & Rob Morris fishing Pegs 2 & 3 from am on the 12th July for 36 hours had this impressive catch of fish : Catfish coming in at 39lbs, 38lbs, 29lbs, 28lbs, 27lbs, 15lbs & 15lbs, Common Carp of 16lbs, 15lbs & 14lbs, Mirror Carp at 19lbs, 17lbs & 14lbs, a Grass Carp at 19lbs, a 8lbs Pike which decided that the bait was too tempting and a small Kitten


Colin Morris fishing a quick overnight session on Peg 18 on the 8th July caught this 31lbs & 17lbs2oz Catfish and also an 18lbs Common Carp – well done Colin – again


Another successful fishing trip for father and son Rob and Colin Morris.  Fishing from Swims 1 & 18 from the evening of the 28th June until first thing on the 30th June, they caught a Grass Carp at 17lbs, Catfish at 19lbs, 23lbs & 25lbs, a Ghost Carp at 20lbs & 20lbs+, a Mirror Carp at 17lbs and Common Carp weighing in at 13lbs, 13lbs4oz, 14lbs4oz, 17lbs2oz, 18lbs, 18lbs4oz, 19lbs, 21lbs, 22lbs, 22lbs+ & 23lbs


Regulars Rob Morris and his son Colin fishing Swims 1 & 18 from Tuesday 28th June to am on the 30th June caught this carp at 15lbs 12oz and Catfish weighing in at 29lbs 4oz and 30lbs 12oz, once again another successful fishing trip for the Morris’s


We would just like to thank Bobby George & Jimmy White, and Ali and the film crew from The Big Fish Off, who visited Milton Pools Fishery on Thursday, 9th June.  After catching a variety of fish, they said that they had had a really good day with us.


James Welfare fishing on the Specimen Lake on the 4th June caught this 31lbs 5oz catfish at 11pm on Peg 2, even though he actually was set-up for carp, he was more than pleased with his catch


Regular Liam caught this lovely carp fishing from Swim 16

IMG_0815 IMG_0816

Tony Randall fishing peg 8 on Monday the 23rd of May for 24hours had a very successful session when he broke his personal best for both Carp and Catfish when he caught this 24lbs Mirror and a 30lbs 13oz Catfish.


We would like to congratulate Mike Cox on this impressive 32lbs 3oz Common which he caught whilst fishing the motorway bank of the Specimen Lake on pegs 7, 8 and 9 on the 7th of May during a 24hour session.

We would also like to point out, that fish welfare is one of our top priorities at Milton Pools Fishery, and ANY fish, no matter what size, should be held within close proximity to the ground, over an unhooking mat.

IMG_2382 IMG_2401

On the 1st of May, Gavin Rampling fished peg 1 on the Specimen Lake for 24hours and caught these two Carp, one a 16lbs Common and the other a 20lbs Mirror.

IMG_4120 IMG_4122

And if catching an impressive haul of fish on the Specimen Lake wasn’t enough, angler Colin Morris decided to give the House Lake a go for a few hours and caught this 12lbs Bream with a couple of grains of sweetcorn.


During a recent fishing trip to Milton Pools Fishery, regulars Colin and Rob Morris caught these three fish, a 16lbs 8oz Common, a 17lbs Common, and a 17lbs Mirror Carp.

IMG_4111 IMG_4112 IMG_4115 IMG_4116 IMG_4117 IMG_4123 IMG_4124 IMG_4125 IMG_4126 IMG_4127 IMG_4128 IMG_4131 IMG_4132 IMG_4133 IMG_4134 IMG_4135 IMG_4136 IMG_4137

During the same session on pegs 8 and 9 on the Specimen Lake from the 16th of May until the 19th Colin had another 16 Carp ranging from 12lbs to 26lbs.

IMG_0115 IMG_0118 IMG_0126 IMG_0149 IMG_0151 IMG_0158 IMG_0164 IMG_0168 IMG_0169FullSizeRender(1) FullSizeRender(2) FullSizeRender

Then the previous week whilst fishing pegs 16 and 17 on the Specimen Lake from Monday the 9th of May, Colin and Rob again had an impressive session which included, a 26lbs Grass Carp, 26lbs Mirror, 25lbs Ghost Carp, 24lbs 4oz Common, 16lbs Common, 19lbs Common, a 31lbs 2oz Catfish, 31lbs 4oz Catfish, 32lbs 4oz Catfish, 33lbs Catfish, and a 35lbs 2oz Catfish. Fantastic fishing you two, once again proving that small baits, small hooks, and little and often feeding the swim is what works at Milton Pools Fishery.


The following e-mail was received from James Mott on his first fishing trip to Milton Pools :-

Just a quick note to say our first trip to Milton Pools was very successful and we will certainly be back, loved the venue, the regular’s (Liam) and baliff (Mark) couldn’t be more pleasant and helpful.  Attached are images of my catches fishing Peg 17 Fri 6th and Sat 7th may.
Cat @ 31lb 8oz.  My first Ever Cat and First ever 30!
Carp @ 21lb 10oz
Carp @ 11lb 8oz
Thanks again and hopefully see you soon!


On Sunday 8th May,  8 years old Romaine Martin, fishing with his parents on Peg 10 on the House Lake caught these lovely fish including an 8lbs Common Carp


Milton Pools regular Lee Wick caught this beautiful 18lbs Golden Koi whilst fishing the front of the Specimen Lake during the weekend of the 7th May

IMG_0106 IMG_0109

Colin Morris fishing Peg 16 on the Specimen Lake, on 3rd May for 24 hours, caught this 17lbs Common Carp and 15lbs Koi Carp


Father and son regulars Rob and Colin Morris had another fruitful 24 hour fishing session on Pegs 16 & 17 on the 26th April. Rob caught this 28lbs and 31lbs 8oz catfish and Colin caught a 21lbs1oz Common Carp, 22lbs 8oz fully scaled Mirror Carp and a 24lbs 2oz Mirror Carp


Fishing Swims 2 & 3 on the Specimen Lake on 12th/13th April, regulars Colin and Rob Morris caught a 26lbs Catfish, 12lbs Common Carp, 18lbs Mirror Carp and a 17lbs 2oz Catfish.  Two are pictured above.


Above is Nathan Couch who caught this lovely 26lbs Mirror Carp on the 14th/15th April, on Swims 2 & 3 on the Specimen Lake


IMG_0041 IMG_0047

Milton Pool’s regular Colin Morris fished during the blustery conditions on Sunday the 10th of April and walked away with three impressive catches, two of which are pictured above, an 18lbs Koi and a 27lbs 4oz Common Carp.

IMG_0004 IMG_0007IMG_0012 IMG_0015 IMG_0018IMG_0023 IMG_0026 IMG_0027 IMG_0030 IMG_0033

During a 24hour session on pegs 2 and 3 on the Specimen Lake Milton Pool’s regulars Colin and Rob Morris had an impressive haul of fish, some of which are pictured above and ranged from 10lbs to 18lbs 2oz, this included one 15lbs Carp, one 16lbs, three at 17lbs, and three 18lbs Carp.

IMG_1079 IMG_1070 IMG_1063

Whilst fishing a day session on the Specimen Lake during late March, Colin Morris once again enjoyed a fruitful session catch these three Common Carp, weighing 15lbs, 19lbs and 20lbs.


Pictured above two fish caught this year on Pegs 13 & 14 on the Specimen Lake

image2 image3 image4 image5

During a fishing session in early December 2015 Pete Mildenhall caught a 22lbs 7oz Carp at 2.30am in the morning.  The other photographs are from other fishing sessions during the summer months.